Why Go Local For Solar

No Middleman

When working with a local solar installer, you work directly with the sales and design team to get exactly what you envision for your home. They are there for you through the entire process. From initial contact, to site visits, to design, installation and system monitoring. With out of state solar companies, you may work with a myriad of different people who may not prioritize your electricity needs. Here at Rhino, we know you by name and are interested in what you need out of a solar system.

No sub contractors

The largest solar companies in the nation are actually glorified loan companies that sell solar as an idealistic product to sell more loans. These companies then sub out the solar installation work for any electrical subcontractor willing to take the work. Regardless of that subcontractors  past experience installing solar. At Rhino Renewables, we are dedicated to our craft of installing solar for homes and businesses. We know that installing solar is a construction trade and take extreme pride in the product we deliver at the end of an installation. 

Rhino’s sales process is education based and “non pushy” meaning we will give you the information, show you the options for going solar, a design that works for your situation and leave the decision making up to you. Rhino renewables does offer financing options for solar to make it more financially accessible, but selling solar and the associated loan products is not our first priority. Rhino’s first priority is to create an ever more sustainable and energy independent world by providing renewable energy and practical electrical systems throughout western North carolina. We accomplish this by providing impeccable service and installing solar systems built to last 100 years.

Customization to fit your home’s solar needs

The benefit of using a local solar company is working with actual people who come out to your home and customize a solar system that will work with your home and your needs. 

A local solar installer like Rhino knows the permitting and interconnection procedures to smoothly get a solar system installed in our specific area. We have key knowledge about the benefits and limitations of solar in this region and will work around any building’s unique or challenging construction to provide a solar system that best suits your goals for the system. We will look closely at how the sun and shading will work with your system accounting for the solar access of your roof, the azimuth towards south, the angle of the roof, shading on the roof and  any other factors that will determine the production of the system. 

Larger out-of-state companies may only provide a remote design and overlook details that are crucial to having an efficient solar system

house with solar and mountains

Invest back into your community

Asheville’s driving force is its local community and the local businesses that are supported by that local community. When you choose a local solar installer, like Rhino Renewables, you invest money back into the local economy, therefore building up the community around you.  Rhino Renewables sees every project installed as an improvement to our own backyard!

Build a Relationship with your solar installation company

Relationships and trust are prioritized when working with a local solar company. Here at Rhino, we value the partnerships formed with our neighbors when working in our local community.  Rhino’s core marketing strategy is referrals and building a trusted reputation. Nothing is more satisfying than meeting a neighbor, friend or family member that wants to go solar after seeing someone else have a good experience getting solar installed by a local company!

Referral Program

If you are interested in our Referral Program, click the button below to learn more about how Rhino will award you $50 per contact for those who own their home in WNC and could benefit from going solar. In addition we will pay you $250 for any of these referrals that lead to a signed contract with us!

Local companies know local regulations and policies

One thing to keep in mind when shopping for a solar installation company is whether or not they have local experience. A local solar company will know the ins and outs of local solar policies, utility company interconnection setups, building codes specific to the area. For example, commercial buildings in North Carolina require certain setbacks for building code, and certain design parameters for the utility company and rate structure. There is a possibility that out-of-state solar installers will overlook these requirements and cause issues down the road. Choosing a local installer will ensure that your solar installation is smooth sailing and that there are no bumps in the road due to building codes or policy issues.

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