Solar Terms Defined

crown ballasted solar system

Here are a few of the most common solar terms when you get started researching solar panel installation. Some you may know and some you may be learning for the first time! Wherever you are in your research, we hope these definitions help the process of going solar easier! Photovoltaic (PV) Also known as solar […]

Inflation Reduction Act and What That Means for Solar

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Inflation Reduction Act and What That Means for Solar Highlights: The Investment Tax Credit is set to increase from 26% to 30% and includes projects installed in 2022. An additional 10% will be granted if Domestic hardware is used in installation Steel and iron must be 100% US manufactured Other manufactured goods must be at […]

Spotlight: Going Solar in Waynesville

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On Monday February the 21st, one of our own, Edward Wright, Owner at Rhino Renewables sat down with the Town of Waynesville’s solar advocates and town leaders. In an article written by Becky Johnson from The Mountaineer, “Going solar: Waynesville seeks compromise on solar panel incentives,” she witnessed a discussion on the way forward for […]

Solar Panel Cleaning: Is it Necessary?

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Written by Rachel Vergara You’ve just installed your brand new solar system and are curious if it is even necessary to clean your solar panels.  In this article, we will go over: How efficiency is affected by the cleanliness of your panels What causes dirty panels How to clean your solar panels Cleaning Increases Efficiency […]

Does Solar Increase Home Value?

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Written by Rachel Vergara Raising the value on your home will take many home renovations, but will a solar system installation be on your to-do list of home improvements to raise your home value? Let’s find out! How Much Does Solar Increase A Home’s Value? As solar has become more accessible to homeowners, more information […]

Mounting Solar Panels On Ground

ground mounted solar system

Written by Rachel Vergara Ground mounted solar panels can be beneficial to the owner based on a few factors including: Efficiency Goals Amount of space on roof vs land Aesthetic preferences What Are Ground Mounts?​ A Ground Mounted Solar System is exactly how it sounds, free standing solar panels that are installed directly into the […]

Buying a House with Solar Panels? What to Know

house with solar panels

Written by Rachel Vergara Buying a home can be daunting, but what if you are buying a home with solar panels? From inspections to maintenance to energy savings, here’s what you need to know. What you Should Ask the Seller To get started, there are a few questions to ask the seller of your potential […]

The Difference Between Solar Inverters

left solaredge string inverter right enphase micro inverter

Written by: Edward Wright Solar Inverters Solar inverters are the brain of any solar energy system. Whether grid-tied or multi-use, every solar system requires an inverter. The inverter takes the DC electricity produced by the solar panels and converts it into AC electricity that will be used in the home’s electrical system. The simplest type […]

How Long Does A Solar Panel Last?

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Written by: Edward Wright The life expectancy of a solar panel depends on a number of key factors including: Type of solar panel or solar module The solar panel location in regards to sun, shade, weather, and debris. The solar panel degradation rate described by the manufacturer. The Lifespan of A Solar Panel Rate of […]