EV Charging

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As Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) become more accessible and more manufacturers are producing EVs, it is only natural for people to have concerns. One of the biggest concerns for new EV owners is how to charge their vehicles. We are used to pulling up to one of many gas stations, […]

The Big-Picture Benefits of Solar Energy

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The Big-Picture Benefit of Solar Energy The solar industry has come a long way in recent years, and continues to grow more accessible and affordable. As solar energy becomes attainable to the everyday person, the benefits of solar come with it. Creating new jobs, securing energy independence for our local communities and making the world […]

Become an Electrician to Save the Planet

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When we think about ways to solve climate change we often think about renewable energy. How can we support the grid, and diversify away from fossil fuels? By reducing our consumption of oil, natural gas, and coal while implementing renewable energy sources that include solar, wind, and hydro. Renewable energy has many forms and can […]

Solar Battery Backup vs Generators

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It is very common for customers beginning to research solar to type solar generator into the search box. Nine times out of ten, what they really mean to search is solar with battery backup. So, what is the difference between a battery backup system and a generator? Read on to find out!   First let’s […]

Why Go Local For Solar

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No Middleman When working with a local solar installer, you work directly with the sales and design team to get exactly what you envision for your home. They are there for you through the entire process. From initial contact, to site visits, to design, installation and system monitoring. With out of state solar companies, you […]

The rising amount of solar installations in Western North Carolina

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The rising amount of solar installations in Western North Carolina There is only more to come in this area as commercial and residential solar installations are nothing new Asheville, NC or Rhino Renewables! In fact, Asheville has proven reducing the carbon footprint is so important that the city has a goal that by the end […]

Solar Terms Defined

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Here are a few of the most common solar terms when you get started researching solar panel installation. Some you may know and some you may be learning for the first time! Wherever you are in your research, we hope these definitions help the process of going solar easier! Photovoltaic (PV) Also known as solar […]

Inflation Reduction Act and What That Means for Solar

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Inflation Reduction Act and What That Means for Solar Highlights: The Investment Tax Credit is set to increase from 26% to 30% and includes projects installed in 2022. An additional 10% will be granted if Domestic hardware is used in installation Steel and iron must be 100% US manufactured Other manufactured goods must be at […]

Spotlight: Going Solar in Waynesville

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On Monday February the 21st, one of our own, Edward Wright, Owner at Rhino Renewables sat down with the Town of Waynesville’s solar advocates and town leaders. In an article written by Becky Johnson from The Mountaineer, “Going solar: Waynesville seeks compromise on solar panel incentives,” she witnessed a discussion on the way forward for […]

Solar Panel Cleaning: Is it Necessary?

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Written by Rachel Vergara You’ve just installed your brand new solar system and are curious if it is even necessary to clean your solar panels.  In this article, we will go over: How efficiency is affected by the cleanliness of your panels What causes dirty panels How to clean your solar panels Cleaning Increases Efficiency […]